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Transportation Engineering Graduate Program


The graduate educational program in Transportation Engineering at the University of Florida focuses on a wide spectrum of topics including highway capacity, facilities design, traffic operations, systems analysis, network modeling, travel behavior, demand forecasting, and planning. Additionally, with the wide diversity of programs available within the University, opportunities exist to pursue other areas of minor emphasis. 


The emphasis areas of the transportation research program include:

  • Advanced electronic and computational technologies for traffic operations, detection, control, safety, and simulation

  • Operational and planning level traffic analysis methodologies

  • Enhanced systems-analysis and network-modeling methods

  • New travel forecasting and policy analysis approaches

The Transportation Engineering Program is home to the Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development and Education Center (STRIDE).  STRIDE is a U.S. DOT Regional University Transportation Center (UTC).  STRIDE represents the member institutions of Region IV of the USDOT's University Transportation Centers UTC) program.

Special Announcements

*** Internship opportunities for undergraduate students ***

Contact Information

Dr. Siva Srinivasan (siva at
Transportation Graduate Program
Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL  32611-6588  USA

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